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Engineered Wood Flooring


engineered wood flooring


3 - 12 Layers of wood are bonded together under heat and pressure.

Top veneer is Hardwood, while the layers underneath may be Plywood.

Engineered Wood Flooring is great for an Office or Home (including below grade), but not recommended for bathrooms.




Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Less Expensive
  • Can Withstand Moisture
  • Can Be Installed Without Nails or Glue
  • More Eco-Friendly
  • Not Easy To Deformation
  • Can Be Refinished


engineered wood flooring cebu a




Engineered Wood Flooring Variants


Afrormoisa Natural Color
Afrormoisa Yongji Color
Mahogany Color
Oak Natural Color (Open Lacquer)
Oak Natural Color
Oak Teak Color
Oak Yongji Color
Teak Natural Color
Herringbone Oak Smoky Grey Color
Herringbone Oak Yellow Pear Color